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  • E-Class
  • Saloon
  • 09/2016 - 11/2017
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Function of Steering Pilot

Steering Pilot is only available for vehicles with the Driving Assistance Package.

  • Steering Pilot is operational at speeds up to 130 mph (210 km/h) and helps you to stay in the centre of the lane by means of moderate steering interventions.

  • It uses as a reference the vehicle in front or the lane markings, depending on the driven speed.

  • Steering Pilot requires you as the driver, to keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times so that you are able to intervene at any time to correct the course of the vehicle and keep it in lane.

  • Steering Pilot can be overridden at any time by steering the vehicle yourself.

  • If the system detects that there are no lane markings, it uses the vehicle ahead as a reference up to a speed of 80 mph (130 km/h).

  • When the system is actively steering, the symbol is shown in green in the multifunction display.

Steering Pilot system limits

Steering Pilot has a limited steering torque for lateral guidance. In some cases, the steering intervention is not sufficient to keep the vehicle in the lane.

If detection of lane markings and vehicles ahead is impaired, Steering Pilot switches to passive mode. The symbol in the multifunction display is shown in grey. The system provides no support in this case.

The system may be impaired or may not function in the following situations:
  • If there is poor visibility, e.g. due to insufficient illumination of the road, or due to snow, rain, fog or spray.

  • If there is glare, e.g. from oncoming traffic, direct sunlight or reflection from other vehicles (e.g. if the road surface is wet).

  • If the windscreen is dirty, misted up, damaged or covered, for instance by a sticker, in the vicinity of the camera.

  • If no, or several, unclear lane markings are present for one lane, e.g. in a construction area.

  • If the lane markings are worn away, dark or covered up, e.g. by dirt or snow.

  • If the distance to the vehicle in front is too small and the lane markings thus cannot be detected.

  • If the lane markings change quickly, e.g. lanes branch off, cross one another or merge.

  • If the road is narrow and winding.

  • If there are highly variable shade conditions on the road.

  • Obstacles such as traffic warning signs located on the lane or projecting out into the lane are not detected.

The system does not provide assistance in the following conditions:
  • On very sharp bends.

  • When towing a trailer.

  • If you actively change lane without switching on the turn signal indicator.

  • If you switch on the turn signal indicator and the conditions for activating Active Lane Change Assist are not fulfilled.