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  • E-Class
  • Saloon
  • 09/2016 - 11/2017
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Function of Traffic Sign Assist

Traffic Sign Assist detects traffic signs with multifunction camera and assists you by displaying detected speed limits and overtaking restrictions in the instrument cluster. If the system detects that you are driving onto a section of road in the wrong direction, it triggers a warning. The camera also detects traffic signs with a restriction indicated by an additional sign (e.g. in wet conditions).

Warning when the maximum permissible speed is exceeded

The system can warn you if you unintentionally exceed the maximum permissible speed. To do this, you can specify in the multimedia system by how much the maximum permissible speed can be exceeded before a warning is issued. You can specify whether the warning is to be just a visual warning or an acoustic one as well.

Display in the Instrument Display
Permissible speed
Permissible speed when there is a restriction
Additional sign with restriction

The illustration shows the Instrument Display in the Widescreen Cockpit

Since Traffic Sign Assist also uses the data stored in the navigation system, it can update the display in the following situations without detecting traffic signs:
  • when the vehicle changes roads, e.g. motorway exit or slip road

  • when a village or town boundary is passed which is stored in the digital map

Traffic Sign Assist is not available in all countries. If it is unavailable, display is shown in the speedometer.

Warning when approaching pedestrian crossings

Vehicles with Driving Assistance Package: The system can warn you if you approach a pedestrian crossing with your vehicle. A message appears in the instrument cluster.

The warning occurs if appropriate traffic signs or road markings are recognised and pedestrians are present in the danger zone.

System borders
The system may be impaired or may not function in the following situations:
  • If there is poor visibility, e.g. due to insufficient illumination of the road, if there are highly variable shade conditions or in rain, snow, fog or spray

  • if there is glare, e.g. from oncoming traffic, direct sunlight or reflections from other vehicles

  • if the windscreen in the area of the multifunction camera is dirty, or if the camera is misted up, damaged or covered

  • if the traffic signs are hard to detect, e.g. due to dirt or snow, or because they are covered or because of insufficient lighting

  • if the information in the navigation system's digital map is incorrect or out-of-date

  • if the signs are ambiguous, e.g. traffic signs on construction sites or in adjacent lanes