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  • E-Class
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  • 09/2016 - 11/2017
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Setting up an Internet connection via Bluetooth®
  • Connect a mobile phone to the multimedia system via Bluetooth®More.

  • If you use the telephone module for Internet functions, you require a SIM card in the telephone module or a Bluetooth®-capable SAP mobile phone.

To connect via Bluetooth®, the mobile phone must support one of the following Bluetooth® profiles:
  • DUN (Dial-Up Networking)

  • PAN (Personal Area Network)

The Internet connection via Bluetooth® may be restricted or not function if:
  • the mobile phone is switched off

  • the mobile phone network coverage is insufficient

  • mobile data use is deactivated on the mobile phone

  • the Bluetooth® function is switched off on the multimedia system and the desired phone is to be connected via Bluetooth®

  • the Bluetooth® function is switched off on the mobile phone and the phone is to be connected via Bluetooth®

  • neither the mobile phone network nor the mobile phone allow simultaneous use of a phone and an Internet connection

  • the mobile phone has not been enabled for Internet access via Bluetooth®

If a mobile phone is connected to the multimedia system for the first time via Bluetooth®, you will be assisted through the process of setting up an Internet connection.

Further information can be obtained at Mercedes-Benz mobile homepage or from a Mercedes-Benz service centre.

Multimedia system:
Internet settings
Bluetooth® connection via PAN
Select the mobile phone.

The Internet connection is established.

Bluetooth® connection via DUN
Highlight a mobile phone.
Select .
Select Change configuration.
Select Configure settings using COMAND.

If the mobile phone only supports the DUN Bluetooth® profile, the Internet connection is configured with predefined or manual access data.

To select the predefined access data of the mobile phone network provider:
select Predefined settings.

A list of countries appears.

Select the country of your mobile phone network provider.

The list of available providers appears.

Select your mobile phone network provider.

When an overview of the provider settings appears, make the necessary settings.

Select Confirm settings.
To manually set the access data of the mobile phone network provider:
select Manual settings.

An overview of the provider settings appears.

Set access data.
Select Confirm settings.

Set the access data in accordance with your data package. Otherwise, additional costs may occur. You can contact your mobile phone network provider to obtain the precise access data.