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  • 03/2020
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Information about the telephone menu
Bluetooth® device name of the currently connected mobile phone/of the mobile phone
Bluetooth® device name of the currently connected mobile phone/of the mobile phone (two phone mode)
Battery status of the connected mobile phone
Signal strength of the mobile phone network
Device manager
Numerical pad
Contact search
Telephone menu overview

Via the telephone menu you can use the functions in connection with your mobile phone.

The following functions can be used:
  • Call lists

  • Contacts

  • Messages

  • Device manager

Using call lists

If your mobile phone supports the PBAP Bluetooth® profile, the call lists from the mobile phone are displayed in the multimedia system.

The following functions are available:
  • Making calls from the call list

  • Opening contacts on the call list

  • Saving an entry as a favourite


In the messages menu you can receive and send text messages. In addition, you can conveniently use the read-aloud function during the journey or use a template when composing a message.

Device manager

In the device manager, you can connect your mobile phone with the multimedia system.

You have the option of using your mobile phone alone in single telephone mode or together with another mobile phone in two phone mode.

Using contacts

If you permit the multimedia system to access the contacts in your mobile phone, you can use these in the vehicle. You can store up to 8,000 contacts.

The following options are available to you via the contacts menu:
  • Making telephone calls (calling a contact)

  • Navigation

  • Composing messages

  • Additional options

The contacts from your mobile phone can be downloaded automatically or manually.

Conducting a call

When conducting a call, additional functions are available apart from making, accepting or rejecting a call. For example, you can switch between calls, conduct a call with several participants or conference calls.

It is also possible to accept or reject waiting calls. If you receive a call while already in a call, a message is displayed.

During a call you can activate the following functions:
  • Microphone off

  • Fade in the numerical pad to send DTMF tones

  • Add a call

  • Transfer to the telephone (an active call in hands-free mode is transferred over to the telephone)

Information about navigation
Example: map with menu

The navigation system offers many options for destination entry, route planning and route guidance. The traffic situation is taken into account during route guidance. When using route guidance with augmented reality, additional information can be shown in a camera image before a turning manoeuvre. Services and apps help you reach the destination quickly, safely and in comfort.

You start the destination entry with Where to? or in the home screen using the quick-access beneath the application. You can enter the address or POI on-board as the destination or search online using a map service. Or you select a previous destination. The destination can be stored here as a favourite or be saved as an address for home and work. If the Allow destination suggestions option is active, destination suggestions are available. These are determined based on your driving habits and offer a convenient selection of destinations. You can select contacts or enter the destination on the map and use POIs in the vicinity when doing so. If external destinations and routes are received from apps or services, these are also available.

A destination can be shared by sending with NFC or scanning the QR code shown.

The following options are available for route planning:
  • Route types

    e.g. ECO, trailer mode

  • Route options

    e.g. avoid or use toll roads, tunnels, unpaved roads or avoid areas

  • Intermediate destinations

  • Alternative routes

  • Commuter route

  • Automatic filling station and service station search

You can record and save routes then select or share them with a USB device.

Lane recommendations are shown during route guidance on multi-lane roads. When driving on a motorway, service facilities on the route ahead can be shown and used for route guidance.

The Live Traffic Information service takes the current traffic situation into account. The map can show the current traffic flow, traffic incidents or warning messages, e.g. the tail end of a traffic jam in a dangerous position.

For route guidance with augmented reality, information objects such as arrows indicating a turn, street names and house numbers are shown in a video image during the driving manoeuvre or at traffic lights.

Hazardous situations on public roads are detected automatically by the vehicle via Car-to-X-Communication or these can be reported by the driver. The early warning makes it possible to adapt your driving characteristics in good time. Broken-down vehicles, accidents, weather hazards or a deployed hazard warning light are shown on the map.

The map shows map data from the database or content from an online map service. In small map scales, buildings are shown as realistic images.

Weather information and data from other services can be integrated in the map. Multi-storey car parks with the corresponding equipment, deliver data about the current occupancy and about parking charges, for example. The online map update service makes possible the updating of the map data.

The options offered vary depending on the country, vehicle equipment and available services.

Information on radio

Using the radio menu you can play a multitude of radio stations and use the Internet Radio TuneIn. Search for your preferred stations and save these as favourites or in station lists.

Radio text: this function shows you the station name, track and artist for the song currently playing, for example.

DAB: with the DAB function, graphically formatted extra information about a station can be shown, e.g. logos, album covers, music tracks, programmes, news or also service information.

Please note that the options offered vary depending on the country and vehicle equipment.

Information on media

Using the Media application, you can set and use the audio and video functions of your multimedia system. For example, you can listen to music, look at videos or make individual sound settings with the sound menu.


Using the USB menu, you can play back your own audio or video data from a data storage medium connected by USB.


Using the Bluetooth () menu, you can connect Bluetooth® audio equipment with the multimedia system and play back the available tracks on the audio equipment. Connecting the device can be conveniently handled in the device manager, so you can complete all settings with just a few clicks.


The Sound menu contains all the settings to help you achieve an ideal sound experience in your vehicle. From settings for treble, mid-range and bass to automatic volume adjustment for stable volume when changing between media, all these functions are to be found in this menu.

Enhanced search by filtering results

By searching with MyMusic you can show your search results separately according to category.

You can search in the following categories, for example:
  • Album

  • Genre

  • Track

  • Mood

    The search for a specific mood, scans through all tracks on your data storage medium and shows you only the results that match your entered mood. You enter your mood directly into the MyMusic search.

The tracks found in a search can be played back as a play list or individual tracks can be selected.

Notes on comfort

The Comfort menu makes all the functions available that contribute to your comfort when driving or taking a break.

Seat Comfort

In the Seat comfort menu you can adjust the contours of your seat to meet your needs. You can set the side bolsters and lumbar function independently of each other. You can save these settings in your Mercedes me profile, so you can call them up again each time you drive. With the Seat kinetics function, you can start a program that causes slight modifications of the seat position when you are driving. These modifications promote a healthy back.


In the Massage menu you will find the massage programs that are available for your vehicle. By selecting the desired program you start it directly and it runs for a period of approximately ten minutes, depending on the program selected. With the High intensity function you can increase the effect of the massage.

Ambiance light

In the Ambient lighting menu you can set the colour and brightness for your ambient lighting. Using the Brightness zones function, the ambience, accent and nozzle zones can be regulated separately so that you can set the lighting of your vehicle individually.

Information about smartphone integration

Using the Smartphone Integration menu, various applications are available that can bring the functions of your mobile phone to the multimedia system display. Operation can by carried out via the touchscreen or voice control, for example.

Only one mobile phone at a time can be connected via Smartphone Integration to the multimedia system. Also for use with two phone mode with smartphone integration, only one additional mobile phone can be connected using Bluetooth® with the multimedia system.

Use Android Auto for mobile phones with the Android operating system and use Apple CarPlay® with your iPhone®. The full functionality of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay® is only possible with an Internet connection.

Information on AMG Performance

Using the AMG Performance menu, you can call up information about the performance of your vehicle.

Depending on the vehicle the following menus are available:
  • Energy flow

  • Consumption


  • Vehicle

  • Engine

  • Drive

  • Aero

Information about vehicle info

Using the Info menu you can have important information about your vehicle shown. At a glance you will have an overview of vehicle and engine data or current consumption values, for example. In addition, you can call up the Digital Owner's Manual via the Owner's Manual menu item.

Vehicle data
The following data will be shown, for example:
  • Activity of the acceleration and brake pedal

  • Activity of the suspension strut

  • Wheel angle

  • G-force display for the linear and lateral acceleration

Engine data
The following data is shown:
  • Transmission oil temperature

  • Engine/coolant temperature

  • Performance

  • Torque

  • On-board electrical system voltage

  • Boost pressure

Consumption data

Depending on your driving style, this display will show your current consumption as well as the average consumption of your vehicle. Together with the displays of vehicle and engine data, you can adapt your driving style to be as efficient and economical as possible.

Information about In-Car Office

Using the In-Car Office menu, you can connect your online services with the multimedia system.

You then have multiple options available:
  • Organising your meetings and telephone conferences.

  • Managing your e-mails and appointments.

  • Have navigation to the location for a meeting.

Information about Mercedes me & Apps

Using the Mercedes me & Apps menu, various services and online functions are available to you: manage your services from Mercedes me, use the dash cam or use the web browser to surf the Internet.

You require a user account, and have to connect your vehicle with the user account, in order to be able to use services.

If the Mercedes me app is available on a mobile phone, the vehicle connection can be accomplished using the QR code shown.

Please not that the available features are country-dependent.

Notes on settings

In the Settings you can set the basic configuration for your multimedia system and the vehicle. You have access to all functions in this menu, from switching the driver assistance systems on and off to display and language settings.

The settings are structured in the following menus:
  • Quick access

  • Assistance

  • Vehicle

  • Lights

  • System


Quick access menu

The Quick access menu contains up to twelve functions, depending on vehicle equipment, which can be switched on or off with a single click.

These include the following systems:
  • Active Steering Assist

  • Parking Assist PARKTRONIC

  • Interior protection

You can therefore always quickly adjust your vehicle to the current conditions. You can jump directly into this menu using a button on the touchpad and complete the desired settings.

Assistance menu

With the Assistance menu you have direct access to the driver assistance systems which are installed in your vehicle and can either switch these on or off, or configure according to your wishes.

Vehicle menu
Here you can activate the following functions, for example:
  • Automatic folding in of the side mirror when parking the vehicle

  • Automatic adjustment of the seat and steering wheel, for comfortable entry and exit from the vehicle

  • Automatic activation of the 360° Camera when selecting reverse gear

Light menu

All the light settings can be made in the Lights menu. You can activate or deactivate the Intelligent Light System here, set for how long your vehicle should remain lit after parking or unlocking or switch the function off.

System menu

All important settings for the multimedia system can be made in the System menu.

You can make the following settings, for example:
  • Setting the system language

  • The configuration of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®

  • Setting of time and date


In the DYNAMIC SELECT menu you can configure your individual drive program. From multiple categories you can select ESP®, steering or suspension, for example, and adjust these to your personal driving style.